Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Collaborates with Local Artists to Design Exclusive Jerseys

Stillwater, OK – The Oklahoma State Cowboys football program has teamed up with local artists to create one-of-a-kind jerseys that blend the artistry of Stillwater with the team’s rich football heritage. This collaboration aims to celebrate the vibrant arts community in the city and showcase the team’s commitment to supporting local talent.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Jersey, collectively known as the “Stillwater Collection,” feature unique designs inspired by various aspects of the city’s culture, history, and natural beauty. Each jersey tells a visual story, capturing the essence of Stillwater and its strong connection to the team. This creative union of art and athletics highlights the power of collaboration and community engagement.

The partnership between the football program and local artists reflects the university’s dedication to nurturing creativity and embracing the local arts scene. By incorporating these exclusive designs into their jerseys, the Oklahoma State Cowboys not only celebrate their football prowess but also promote the rich cultural heritage of Stillwater.

Coach Mike Gundy commented on the collaboration, saying, “The ‘Stillwater Collection’ jerseys epitomize the unity between our football program and the local community. We are proud to showcase the incredible talents of our local artists and support their artistic visions. These jerseys are not just about football; they represent our commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive culture.”

The “Stillwater Collection” jerseys will be worn in special games throughout the season, offering fans a glimpse into the creative fusion of art and athleticism. Replica jerseys will be available for purchase, with a portion of the sales going towards supporting local artists and the flourishing arts community in Stillwater.