Penn State Nittany Lions Football Pays Tribute to Legendary Players with Throwback Jerseys

State College, PA – The Penn State Nittany Lions football program announced that they will be donning throwback Penn State Nittany Lions Football Jersey during select games of the upcoming 2022 season, paying homage to the program’s legendary players.

The throwback jerseys draw inspiration from the iconic uniforms worn by past Penn State football greats. Featuring a white base with blue numbers and names on the back, and the classic blue and white stripe down the sides, these jerseys evoke a sense of nostalgia among fans and players alike.

One particularly significant aspect is the inclusion of the names of past Penn State football legends on the sleeves. Each jersey proudly displays the name of a different player who had a profound impact on the program. This serves as a tribute to their contributions and emphasizes the team’s rich history and legacy.

The decision to wear throwback jerseys provides an opportunity for current players to connect with the past and feel immense pride in carrying on the program’s traditions. It also allows fans to reminisce about the great moments and players that have made Penn State a football powerhouse.

In addition to being worn on the field, the throwback jerseys will be available for purchase, enabling fans to show their support and pay tribute to these legendary players. The unveiling of these jerseys has generated great anticipation among Nittany Lion faithful, and the team is excited to honor the rich football heritage of Penn State.